Understanding the economics of running a business in good times and bad, is not just about applying legal  out of court “work out” options and in court, litigation strategies, it is also about appreciating the practical challenges that a business faces, large or small. We at Iurillo Law Group, know what it takes to operate diverse business operations. We know what it takes to rise to success through financial challenges forced upon an otherwise successful business by others with whom your company is doing business. We understand what it is like to be in the trenches when your company is in financial distress.  We have the 50 plus years of tested experience to lead you to the right choices and executed on those options through thoughtful, yet tough negotiations and through courtroom litigation, as needed. We are a team dedicated to our client’s needs and wants. We pride ourselves in our perseverance to that end. Chapter 11 Restructuring by reducing and restructuring debt obligations,  Maximizing Creditor’s Rights, Protecting Assets, Assignment for Benefit of Creditors, Complex Chapter 7 processes,  Adversary Proceedings, State Court Litigation, Winddown or Workouts; are just a few options for a business or professional. Moreover, the ability to meet these challenges are routed in a strong foundation built on well-structured business entities, contracts, and business relationships. If these legal relationships are not in place, then we can guide you to improve upon what you have in place now with a practical application to your emerging business needs and to protect your company now and in the future.


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From bankruptcy and business disputes to corporate law issues our attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need. Our staff works closely with our clients to keep them informed every step of the way. We pride ourselves in providing a customized team approach to each client’s unique situation.