Camille Iurillo

Camille Iurillo is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and has served as a Mediator for a number of years. She has successfully mediated numerous cases in the Tampa Bay area and enjoys an active mediation practice.

One of the many valuable characteristics that Camille Iurillo brings to the table as a Mediator is her substantial experience in a variety of litigation matters including business litigation, bankruptcy litigation, complex bankruptcy cases, real estate litigation and disputes between officers, directors and shareholders in both state and federal court. Ms. Iurillo has practiced law in these areas for over twenty years. Further, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these disputes gives Ms. Iurillo the well rounded experience necessary to appreciate the legal, practical and emotional positions of the various parties in a dispute.

Moreover, Ms. Iurillo’s business experience provides a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the present legal dispute between the parties. Ms. Iurillo is not only a business lawyer, but she is a business person; having formed her own law firm 11 years ago, now with 2 other partners and a strong staff. 

In addition, Ms. Iurillo began her career prior to law school in the medical field. She advanced into the position as the Director of an acute care hospital on the east coast of Florida with a multi-million dollar budget. In that capacity, she managed and directed the operations of a laboratory hospital early in her career. As a result, she gained substantial practical experience from this position, with responsibilities including managing multiple departments, budgeting, human resources and working within the system of a large hospital to make “things happen” for her team. 

Finally, Ms. Iurillo is from a family of business owners and therefore, even in her childhood years, she was entrenched with understanding the business process, the challenges and responsibilities of running a business, and reaching reasonable resolutions to business disputes in order to keep a business running smoothly.

This background allows Ms. Iurillo to view a dispute between parties through multiples lenses. She understands the legal arguments and the practical business challenges that parties may encounter on the road to resolution. In other words, limiting the scope of issues to strengths and weaknesses of a case at mediation may not be enough to facilitate a settlement between the parties. In her experience, sometimes a discussion about the non-legal business considerations guides the parties to a settlement instead of the disputed legal issues. 

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Community Activites

Ms. Iurillo is past president of the St. Petersburg Bar Association, the St. Petersburg Bar Foundation and the Barney Masterson Inn of Court. In addition, she is the past Chair of the Practice Management Development Section of the Florida Bar. Ms. Iurillo has held a number of other leadership roles, including chairing charitable organizations’ fundraising drives and membership on the board of directors for community service organizations, such as Brookwood Florida which provides a home for at risk girls between the ages of 13 and 21.

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