Attorneys Camille Iurillo and Gina Pellegrino represented a long-standing family-owned business in the community in a hotly contested proceeding supplementary case. The filing of a motion for proceeding supplementary is a tool that a judgment creditor can use in an effort to collect payment on an unpaid judgment debt.  In this case, the Firm’s business client faced some financial challenges a few years ago as a result of market conditions, and 2 final judgments were entered against the business by 2 separate litigious creditors. The judgment creditors waited several years before reopening the lawsuit in 2016 and filing motions for proceeding supplementary seeking payment on their unpaid judgments from the business; in addition, the judgment creditors alleged fraudulent transfer claims and attempted to impute personal liability on the part of the individual officers and directors of the business and another separate business owned by one of the officers. Attorneys Iurillo and Pellegrino were able to succeed globally resolve the case, without the individual officers and directors of the business or the other separate business owned by one of the officers having to pay any monies to the judgment creditors.  Despite the aggressiveness of the judgment creditors, Attorneys Iurillo and Pellegrino completely protected the targets of this fight resulting in them having to pay nothing.