On November 3, 2016, the annual Bankruptcy Law & Practice: View from the Bench 2016 seminar will be taking place in Tampa.  It is always a terrific well-attended seminar, as the bankruptcy attorneys in the state will have the opportunity to listen to all of the bankruptcy judges in the state discuss new bankruptcy case law, their views and emerging trends in bankruptcy law and procedure. It takes a great deal of time preparing for the seminar, as hundreds of new cases were researched and summarized in preparation for the event. Assisting with this preparation was Attorney Gina Pellegrino who has been recognized as one of the Contributing Editors for this year’s View from the Bench seminar. Ms. Pellegrino, who is a member of the Florida Bar Business Law Section Bankruptcy/UCC Committee and the Bankruptcy Judicial Liaison Committee, was one of a few attorneys selected to review, analyze and summarize case law to be used at the seminar due to her extensive knowledge of bankruptcy and business law.