The team at Iurillo Law Group, P.A brought not only hope but financial success to a commercial building contractor enterprise. The business contractor provided work and supplies to several restaurant franchisee businesses operating under franchise agreement with a national restaurant franchisor chain throughout the United States. The contractor was hit with a large unpaid balance at three separate locations of the restaurant. The contractor came to us looking at potential financial devastation for their business if they were not paid.

They put their trust in our team to work through a complex set of facts and bankruptcy law involving construction liens in three separate states and competing obligations arising out of the Franchisor agreements. The company came to us in anticipation of a receiving a significant financial blow from the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. Instead because of the dedication and persistence of the Camille Iurillo and her team, the recovery was significantly more than the business owner ever expected.

The professional team at Iurillo Law Group is uniquely positioned to protect the interests of a business enterprise faced with a bankruptcy filing in Florida by an entity that has an outstanding receivable owed. We also provide advice in our capacity as local counsel for out of state attorneys representing creditors who have claims in pending Florida Bankruptcy Courts. Do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our lawyers.