Local Counsel & Co-Counsel

The team at Iurillo Law Group regularly acts as local counsel in bankruptcy courts throughout Florida. Camille Iurillo’ s 25 years of experience representing both creditors and debtors in complex bankruptcy court cases in Florida and throughout the United States provided an excellent opportunity for those looking for local counsel or co-counsel. Ms. Iurillo is available to accept your call to discuss the case and give attorneys input on what to expect for their client in the case. Ms. Iurillo provides the benefit of both local knowledge and extensive experience in the bankruptcy court.

The Iurillo team has represented a diverse base of clients from publicly held and national companies to small businesses. Camille Iurillo provides a flexible working relationship which allows co-counsel and their client to tailor the level of representation needed locally.

In addition, Iurillo Law Group accepts referrals from attorneys who are unable to accept a client due to conflict or whose client’s legal representation requires representation in an area of law outside the referring attorney’s experience. During that process, the Iurillo team respects and supports the importance of protecting the referring attorney’s relationship with their client.

When you need support with bankruptcy issues, creditor’s rights, business litigation and related business disputes, commercial foreclosure, or workouts, you can count on us to be a trusted partner with you in client care.