As a business owner and community leader, Camille Iurillo brings her practical knowledge to the representation of businesses and professionals. Her experience working with businesses includes software companies, manufacturers, contractors, real estate investors and many types of business professionals. Ms. Iurillo combines both the legal know-how of structuring transactional agreements with the practical understanding of how businesses operate.


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In addition, Ms. Iurillo represents businesses in disputes. Her experience with successful fights in the courtroom goes hand and hand with the transactional protection businesses need. Leveraging the knowledge she has gained after over twenty years as a trial lawyer, is essential to this process.



Ms. Iurillo also represents institutional lenders, private lenders, investor groups and borrowers, including commercial and residential investors and developers, in commercial and residential foreclosures. Representing both lenders and borrowers provides Ms. Iurillo with a unique understanding of the litigation and foreclosure process, including the motivations of all parties