Outside General Counsel


Why do you need outside general counsel to help with your legal needs?

The reasons are:

  1. To get a yearly “legal checkup;”
  2. To get your questions answered quickly on a day-to-day basis about how to best run your business when it comes to legal questions; and
  3. To avoid lawsuits in the future – negotiating the right contracts upfront before there are any problems is the best way to protect your business and to save money in the future if problems arise.

We routinely act as outside general counsel to businesses that do not employ full-time in-house counsel, but can have that same benefit by using our Firm. Building a relationship with our Firm means that we will already have an excellent understanding of the kind of business you operate, what your goals are and your business needs when you call us. You will not need to spend time explaining your business to us as we are already on the same page and ready to answer your questions.

This is why it is so important to keep our Firm on retainer as outside general counsel.

Moreover, we are a well-established law firm that has been representing businesses and professionals since 1991, so we have the contacts in the community that you may need as trusted advisors. We have recommendations for bankers, CPAs, financial advisors, insurance companies and other professionals for you to choose from to help you make the contacts you need to run your business. If you should need a lawyer in a specialty area of law that is not covered under our Business and Corporate Law umbrella, we also have contacts in the legal community to refer you to the right lawyers to advise you instead of being left in the dark not knowing who to go to.

Please review our Real Estate Law, Formation and Governance, Business Transactions, Creditors’ Rights and Business Litigation pages for additional information relevant to Outside General Counsel matters. In addition, please review the description of the broad range of clients we commonly represent on our Representative Clients page.