Business & Corporate Law

Do you have a great idea for a new business? Do you own a business and need legal advice? Iurillo Law Group provides corporate and transactional services to a variety of private companies, from start-ups to established entities. Read More

Formation & Governance

Do you have a great idea for a new business? Are you considering purchasing a business with other people? Would you like to build a business that you can pass on to your children some day? Running a business is an adventure that requires risk in orde… Read More

Business Transactions

Do you own a business? Do you want to make sure that your business transactions are safe and secure? If so, here are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself: What are the right types of contracts to have with your vendors, service pr… Read More

Outside General Counsel

Why do you need outside general counsel to help with your legal needs? The reasons are: To get a yearly “legal checkup;” To get your questions answered quickly on a day-to-day basis about how to best run your business when it comes to legal quest… Read More

Business Litigation

Iurillo Law Group, P.A.'s team of attorneys have successfully represented numerous businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs confronting business disputes in state and federal court. When the storm hits and controversy arises, the odds for success… Read More

Creditors' Rights

Unfortunately, the economic difficulties of today leave few businesses unaffected by legal issues involving unpaid debts, non-performing loans and possibly a bankruptcy filing by account debtors. Understanding your rights as a creditor is the key to… Read More

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Alternatives

Iurillo Law Group, P.A. represents businesses and individuals in Chapter 7, 13 and 11 bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy alternatives such as Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors and workouts. The financial challenges faced by our clients range from… Read More

Bankruptcy Litigation

The attorneys at Iurillo Law Group, P.A. have over 35 years of combined litigation experience. We represent debtors and creditors in contested bankruptcy matters and adversary proceedings which we generically refer to as "bankruptcy litigation". En… Read More

Real Estate Law

Iurillo Law Group’s attorneys have over 35 years of experience in real estate law. We represent clients ranging from homeowners to lenders and large real estate developers in real estate transactions, real estate litigation, and foreclosure mat… Read More

Real Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, litigation sometimes arises involving your real estate investment. Litigation during the course of a purchase can jeopardize your capital investment and your business plan. A lease dispute can leave you with a tenant occupying your pro… Read More


For most people, the thought of losing their home or defaulting on a loan is one of the most daunting financial challenges they could imagine. It is easy to become overwhelmed and feel isolated like a ship adrift at sea. The attorneys at Iurillo Law… Read More

Individuals & Homeowner Borrowers

The attorneys at Iurillo Law Group, P.A. have extensive experience representing individual borrowers and homeowners in mortgage defense litigation in Florida. Read More


Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, including keeping your property or surrendering it to the lender. It is important that you act in a timely manner and protect your rights as soon as possible, ideally when you initially e… Read More

Commercial Borrowers & Guarantors

Iurillo Law Group represents borrowers, including commercial and residential developers, investors, builders, contractors and business owners, and guarantors in complex commercial foreclosure cases. Read More


In today's economic climate, troubled waters are often encountered despite thorough planning at the launch of a project or investment. When confronted with financial challenges involving a potential foreclosure, it is important to seek skilled legal… Read More


We understand that troubled assets are like an anchor on our clients’ balance sheet and create additional problems for their business. Our team of attorneys offer our clients the benefit of over 35 years of experience representing lending insti… Read More


Our representation consists of pre-foreclosure workouts, followed by commencing litigation by the filing of the foreclosure complaint and continuing through the foreclosure sale, including but not limited to: Negotiating and drafting pre-foreclosure… Read More

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a developer of a multi-million dollar commercial property, the attorneys at Iurillo Law Group, P.A. are prepared to represent your interests in the transaction. At our Firm, we value every client relationshi… Read More

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