Creditors Rights


The attorneys at Iurillo Law Group have extensive experience in a full range of creditors’ rights in insolvency matters. Our vast understanding of creditor law enables our attorneys to provide clients strategic advice on business matters and to create custom strategy in order to help identify and limit the client’s risk exposure.

We represent clients spanning a broad array of industries including, lenders, creditors, investors, trustees, and others in a broad range of industries.


Creditors’ Rights

Unfortunately, the economic difficulties of today leave few businesses unaffected by legal issues involving unpaid debts, non-performing loans and possibly a bankruptcy filing by account debtors. Understanding your rights as a creditor is the key to keeping your business on course. The attorneys at Iurillo Law Group, P.A. represent clients on a wide range of collection and bankruptcy matters. Our creditor clients are primarily secured and unsecured creditors, such as lenders, financial institutions, trade creditors, guarantors, shareholders, landlords, franchisors, former spouses and other business vendors. We also represent bankruptcy trustees and receivers.

Because our practice casts a broad net and encompasses pre-suit negotiations with debtors, state and federal court collection litigation and bankruptcy, we are able to provide our clients with a unique perspective on managing their collection matters. We will work with you to develop a strategy to recover from distressed debtors. We provide focused, practical advice to our clients as we recognize that a certain result is often preferred over protracted litigation. However, the decisions of other parties may require litigation in order to protect our clients’ rights, including trial. Our reputation as tough advocates on behalf of our clients has been established by battling through the storm and not backing down even in the face of adverse headwinds, until and unless a fair compromise is reached.