The resolution of disputes through litigation is often costly and fraught with long delays, but the parties to a dispute often have difficulty overcoming the highly-charged emotions, miscommunication and other common obstacles to reaching a settlement.

In many instances, what is needed most is the guidance of an experienced, impartial mediator to hear the concerns of both parties, facilitate effective communication, offer reasoned and professional perspectives, and provide the neutral ground needed for both sides to explore and find the basis for a mutually beneficial agreement.

Camille Iurillo is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators who provides experienced, neutral and impartial mediation services in matters throughout Florida involving Florida civil litigation, mortgage modifications and contested bankruptcy litigation.

Another method to resolve disputes between parties is the arbitration process. Unlike the mediation process the arbitration results in a final decision. The parties may voluntarily choose arbitration or the contract that govern the relationship between the parties may require arbitration. In either case, arbitration is a more streamlined method and less formal than the  litigation process in state court. In addition,  location and scheduling are much more flexible. Arbitration is generally a quicker and less expensive option than litigation. Ms. Iurillo brings her 25 plus years of practical dispute resolution experience to the table and therefore is an excellent choice as an arbitrator.

Camille Iurillo is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and a Florida Supreme Court Approved Mediator.