Litigation Publications

10 Mediation Tips for Young Lawyers

Failure to Pay for Your Federal Taxes May Expose Your Assets
(published in Paraclete April 2012; Res Ipsa March/April 2012)

While we Know Florida’s Offer of Judgment Statute May Apply in Federal Court, Does Florida’s Offer of Judgment Procedural Rule Apply?
(published in Paraclete Apr 2011; Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer Magazine May

Don’t Lose Track of the Delinquent Real Estate taxes in a Foreclosure Case
(published in Paraclete Sept 2010; Res Ipsa Aug / Sept 2010)

An Overview of the Enforceability of Dragnet Clauses in Foreclosure Litigation
(published in Paraclete June 2010; Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer magazine June 2010)

Look Carefully at Your Wages: Are They Exempt?
(published in Paraclete Apr 2009; Res Ipsa Apr / May 2009)

Getting Around the Statute of Frauds
(published in Paraclete Dec 2008 / Jan 2009; Res Ipsa Dec 2008 / Jan 2009)

Individuals and Corporations Need to Beware of Civil Contempt in Bankruptcy Court

Family Law Considerations in Bankruptcy
(published in Paraclete July/August 2008; Res Ipsa August/September 2008)

Exemptions: Watch Out for the IRS
(published in Paraclete May 2008; Res Ipsa Apr / May 2008)

When is Reconsideration of a Bankruptcy Court Order or Judgment an Option?

What’s a Lawyer to Do When a Client Receives the Benefit of Their Legal Services and Then Refuses to Pay?
(published in Paraclete Oct 2007; Res Ipsa Oct / Nov 2007; Florida Law Practice Link Fall 2007)

Is Homestead Property really always Protected from Partition or Forced Sale?
(published in July / Aug 2007)