Real Estate Litigation


Unfortunately, litigation sometimes arises involving your real estate investment. Litigation during the course of a purchase can jeopardize your capital investment and your business plan. A lease dispute can leave you with a tenant occupying your property while you are forced to cover the overhead expenses. We understand that the time and resources you spend on the litigation impacts the operations of your business. Therefore, we will work closely with you at the helm to change course to escape the storm and return to focusing on your business.

Our attorneys’ varied experience in several related areas of law provides a unique perspective to the litigation analysis. Our goal is to utilize our extensive litigation experience to provide you with the information you need to make an informed business decision to resolve the matter in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Whether that requires direct negotiation, mediation or trial, we are prepared to handle your case until it is resolved. 

We represent owners, developers, landlords, commercial tenants, brokers, lenders and real estate investors in a broad range of real estate litigation, including:

  • Breach of contract for the sale or development of land
  • Bankruptcy matters involving relief from the automatic stay, the sale of real estate and assumption and rejection of leases
  • Landlord and tenant disputes, commercial and residential, arising out of lease agreements
  • Litigation arising from easements, covenants or deeds
  • Ownership and title disputes
  • Title insurance claims
  • Fraud
  • Trespass
  • Adverse Possession

When charting a course with our clients, we advise them of both litigation and settlement strategies. Prior to or during the lawsuit, there is usually the opportunity to reach a resolution outside of the courtroom through a process called alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), including mediation. The advantages of ADR include control of the decision making without the intervention of a judge, a certain result, reduced cost, resolution in a timely manner and confidentiality. However, if this process is not successful, then the dispute will go to trial.

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