Work Out and Restructuring


Our goal is to provide value to our creditor client’s business by assisting them with converting unpaid receivables or non-performing assets into cash or performing assets in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Our attorneys who have been practicing collectively for over 35 years are experienced in negotiating pre-suit resolutions with account debtors. If those efforts are unsuccessful, we will discuss the available claims that could be made in a lawsuit and develop a litigation strategy. Post-judgment, creditors have several remedies available to them to collect, including taking the deposition in aid of execution of debtor to compel a debtor to disclose its assets and liabilities, garnishing bank accounts and other financial accounts such as brokerage accounts, executing on real and personal property of the debtor and filing claims such as fraudulent transfers, successor liability, piercing the corporate veil and alter ego claims against additional parties that may be liable for the debt or improperly received assets of the debtor.